Modified Sit-up


Objective: Number of sit-ups performed in one minute

Equipment – Stopwatch. A Mat or other clean surface is preferred.

Starting Position- Cadet lies on back with knees flexed at 90 degrees; partner holds feet and counts each correctly performed sit-up. Heels should not be more than 12 inches from the buttocks and the back is flat on the floor. Arms are crossed with hands placed on opposite shoulders, arms close to chest. Hands must remain on the shoulders at all times.

Action – Cadet raises the trunk curling up to touch elbows to thighs and then lowers the back to the floor so that the scapulas (upper back) touch the floor. This constitutes one sit-up.

The Test – The timer calls out the signal “Ready? Go.” and begins timing one minute. Timer calls out at 30 seconds and again at 45 seconds to help cadets pace themselves. At one minute the timer calls out “Stop”. The number of correctly executed sit-ups completed in one minute is the cadet’s score. Make sure each cadet knows how many they need to do before they begin.

Rules –

  1. “Bouncing” off the floor/mat is not allowed. Buttocks must remain on the floor at all times.
  2. The sit-up will be counted only if the cadet
    1. keeps hands on the shoulders
    2. touches elbows to thighs
    3. returns to down position with scapula touching floor before curling up again


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