Push -ups

pushupsObjective: To measure upper body strength/endurance by maximum number of push-ups completed.

Testing: The cadet lies face down on the mat in push-up position with hands under shoulders, fingers straight and legs straight. parallel, with the toes supporting the feet. The cadet straightens the arms, keeping the back and knees straight, then lowers the body until there is a 90-degree angle at the elbows. with the upper arms parallel to the floor. A partner holds his/her hands at the point of the so-degree angle so that the cadet being tested goes down only until his/her shoulders touch the partner’s hands, then back up. Push-ups are continued until the cadet can do no more in rhythm, has reached the target number, or stops.

Scoring : Record only those push-ups done with proper form and rhythm

Rationale: The right angle push-ups are recommended for upper body strength; endurance testing because the cadet’s body weight has less effect than it does on pull-ups. Right angle push-ups provide a better indicator of the range of strength/endurance found in youth. whereas many are unable to do any pull-ups.

Pull-ups remain an option for those cadets at higher levels of strength/endurance.


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