Sit & Reach


Starting Position: Cadet removes shoes and sits on floor facing the box with legs fully extended and feet shoulder-width apart. The soles of the feet should be flat against the end of the box.

Action: Cadet extends arms forward placing hands side by side, palms down along the measuring line. The test administrator holds the cadets knees with one hand to keep the knees straight while placing other hand on the measuring line where the cadet needs to reach to. Cadet reaches forward along the measuring line as far as possible or intl they touch the test administrator’s hand with both of their hands. Have cadet rock back and squeeze their stomach muscles tightly while holding their breath. As they reach forward again, blow out held air and relax the stomach muscles. Make sure that the cadet bends at the hip and not just the waist for maximum reach. They may repeat this three times. On the last reach forward , hold the position for one second while that distance is recorded.


  1. Legs must remain straight, soles of feet against box.
  2. Fingertips of both hands must reach evenly along the measuring line on the top of the box

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